In a tropical environment and inside haunting interiors, a couple moves across nature in a poetical film defining the fear of freedom. With a metaleptic approach, the film visually explores and questions human consciousness through the visual contrast between light and darkness, movement and paralysis, dream and reality. Inspired by Erich Fromm's publications, the film creates poetic imagery around those thoughts.



a BALIFIXER production

directed by

Leander Brandstädt


Yov Mizuno

Chayton Thompson

music provided by

Muddy Monk

production manager: Leander Brandstädt

creative producer: Fel Louisa

dop: Leander Brandstädt

1st AC: Raga Andy

photographer: Benedikt Falkenstein

local fixer: Fel Louisa

driver: Dika,Arry  

post production: Balifixer 

compsing & SFX: Martin Saela

VFX: Christian Manzano

Voice Over: Patricia Olufemi

wardrobe: Hils The Label

jewelry design: Purelei

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