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Bali Indonesia
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Frequently Asked Question

WHY should I choose your company?

As a film production company, we prioritize fair pricing, maintain a strong work ethic, emphasize clear communication, and boast extensive long-term experience.

WHAT exactly is a fixer, anyways?

A fixer, originally from journalism, now plays a crucial role in film and television production. At BALI FIXER, our fixers provide comprehensive support for all stages of your project, including logistics, translation, planning, and crew coordination. Considered the driving force behind commercials, music videos, documentaries, and feature films, our fixers excel in location scouting and securing equipment. Whether referred to as film fixers, local producers, or production coordinators, our dedicated team ensures the smooth realization of your video project.

HOW about the Equipment Rental?

Whether you need a single piece of equipment or an entire kit, we can help. We have relationships with all the leading equipment rental houses in Bali. This means that we’re offered the most competitive rates, which we happily pass on to you.

Can I get a cost quote for your services?

In order to come up with a tailored quote we do need some information like crew size, how many shooting days, how many locations and of course a rough synopsis of what the shoot is about and what the goal is.