KEWANG | Nature's ancient guardians


The Kewang of Haruku is a traditional environmental custodian and community leader from the island of Haruku in Indonesia's Maluku archipelago. This role, deeply rooted in indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage, involves the stewardship of natural resources, preservation of biodiversity, and upholding customary laws that govern the sustainable use of the environment. The Kewang plays a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance, promoting conservation practices, and ensuring that the wisdom of the ancestors is passed down through generations. Preserving the position of the Kewang is vital for protecting Haruku's unique ecosystems, fostering community resilience, and honoring the island's rich cultural legacy.

We had the privilege of filming on Haruku for 21 days with Matthew Judge and Indah Rufiati S. Yudono for Blueventures, capturing the Kewang’s daily life and creating a documentary that showcases his invaluable contributions and the open outcome as to who will be his successor. This documentary aims to highlight the importance of the Kewang’s role and the need to preserve this cultural heritage for future generations.

Special thanks to the whole team making this 21-day production a rewarding experience by closely engaging with the Kewang’s daily life and the entire village to capture the importance of his future.

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