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How to process your journalistic/film visa in Indonesia.

last update: 08.07.2022

How it works.

In order to legally produce your upcoming photo & film production in Indonesia, you need to ensure all crew has a valid working visa, as well as permits, such as a location and film permit. Balifixer (PT. CAHAYA MENTARI BALI) is a licensed Fixer and can be therefore your official partner on site.
Please note: Only verified fixer companies can issue appropriate visas and permits.

Get started

Please get in touch with us to sign a contract and an MOU to process further applications.

Submit documents

Please submit all needed documents to the Indonesian Consulate in your country.

Process done

Balifixer will send your e-visa and obtain further film permits at Balifixer and enjoy shooting!

Step for Step.

Following a detailed overview of each step in the process. Regular processing time: 4-6 weeks

1. sign MOU

4. review application

7. visa approval

2. complete documents 

5. submit further docs.

8. happy shooting

3. submit data

6. obtain permits

1. Sign MOU

The very first step in processing your journalistic/film visa is to sign the MOU and proposal. Once we received the downpayment, we are able to start processing your visa.

✓ sign proposal
✓ sign MOU

3-5 working days

2. Complete Documents

Please complete the following list of documents for further submission at your local consulate. We will provide you the forms NIB and ID PENJAMIN.

Passport scan of each crew member (inlay)
✓ Letter of Intention (Formal letter from your company incl. name, phone number, and passport number of each crew)
✓ Film Crew Form (Balifixer will provide)
✓ Company Profile
✓ Synopsis / Script of your Film/Shoot
✓ Filled Visa Application Form (consulate will send these forms)
✓ Schedule / Travel Itinerary
✓ Custom Clearance and ATA/Carnet form (if bringing lots of gear)

2-3 working days

• All applicants who will bring their own filming equipment to Indonesia must declare all gear to the Customs Authority. ATA Carnet is a set of international customs documents for the temporary admission of goods that simplifies the time-consuming customs procedures and removes the obligation of exporters to pay the customs duty and tax of goods imported into a country of destination since the document has been guaranteed by the International ATA Carnet Guarantee Chain).

3. Submit Data to Consulate

If all requested documents are complete, you are ready to submit all data to your local consulate! We will be in touch providing your local Embassy Socio-Cultural Affairs officer.

You don't need to be there in person, mostly the producer can hand over all documents from the crew.

2-3 working days

4. Review Application

The application will be reviewed by the Consulate. If all is complete, your application will get sent to the Ministry of Culture & Education and the Film Commission.

The Consulate will notify the applicant if any additional information is required.

7-14 working days

5. Submit Data for Film Visa

Each applicant will be requested to send the following documents to Balifixer. In this step, we will process your B211C E-Visa with the local immigration on site.

Passport scan of each crew member (cover, page 1-2)
✓ Pass photo color (3x4)
✓ Travel or Health Insurance
Covid 19 Vaccine certificate (or doctor’s statement letter if you can't get vaccinated)
Statement letter from each crew member, saying that you are willing to pay for all the medical treatment by yourself during your stay in Indonesia

Please email all documents to:

14-21 working days

• Journalistic visas WILL ONLY BE GRANTED to foreign film crews who will be shooting in Indonesia. Where during the shooting process, they will and must be accompanied by an Indonesia fixer company with a valid and registered license
• Journalistic visas WILL NOT BE GRANTED to foreign film crews employed by production houses in Indonesian territory

6. Obtain Permits

In order to provide you with a valid film permit during your production days, we will need some last details. We suggest giving a wider range of dates in case later on dates move.

✓ Timeline
✓ Location list

Additional location permits will be organized in communication with your production team.

3-5 working days

6. Visa Approval

Congratulation! Your journalistic / film visa b211c will be sent to your e-mail. From here on you are fully equipped for your upcoming production in Indonesia.

Please be in touch to make sure we prepare all further needed permits for your upcoming production.

Happy Shooting!

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Frequently Asked Question

What is Film Fixer?

A film fixer or a local fixer is someone who is always there at the shooting location, in order to accompany foreign crews who are carrying out shooting activities. He/She will answer all questions from the local police, the foreigner and surveillance team (Tim PORA), immigration, and any other local authority, whenever they want to visit the shooting location. This local fixer understands what procedures foreigners can and cannot do while in Indonesia. In accordance with applicable laws in the Indonesian Territory, every shooting activity carried out by a foreign crew must be accompanied by a local fixer who has special permission from immigration or the government.
(Verified Guarantee ID as a Local Fixer)

What does a Unit Production Manager do?

From location scouting through to securing crews and equipment, film fixers are the driving force behind commercials, corporate videos, music videos, documentaries and feature films. You might have heard them referred to as a production coordinator or local producer.

What does a Location Manager do?

Every country has its own film commission, council and film permit application criteria. This involves a lot of complicated paperwork. Our location manager will handle it, relieving the production company of the stress of administrative work.

I only have a small crew, can I ask to hire any local crew?

We’ve established strong working relationships with leading crews. This includes directors, DOPs, producers, script supervisors, camera operators, sound mixers, runners and many, many more. We can add individual crew members to your team, or we can put together a full crew that’s just right for the job.

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