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Explore the best filming locations in Maluku

Discovering Maluku: A Cinematographer's Dream in Indonesia

Maluku, often referred to as the Moluccas or Spice Islands, is Indonesia's hidden gem, offering filmmakers and photographers a treasure trove of spectacular locations. Known for its historical significance in the spice trade, Maluku boasts pristine beaches, vibrant cultures, and untouched natural landscapes, making it an ideal backdrop for any visual project. This guide explores the top 10 shooting locations in Maluku, providing tips on film permits and visa regulations to ensure a seamless production process.

Banda Islands: A Dive into History and Beauty

The Banda Islands, rich in history as the original Spice Islands, offer breathtaking underwater scenes and colonial architecture. Insider tip: The best light for filming is during the early morning or late afternoon, and local guides are invaluable for accessing the most picturesque spots.

Ambon City: Where Culture and Nature Collide

Ambon, the capital of Maluku, is a bustling city with a mix of modern and colonial influences, surrounded by stunning coastal views. Insider tip: Secure filming permissions from local authorities in advance, especially for drone shots, to capture the city's dynamic energy.

Ambon City in Maluku in Indonesia
Ambon City in Maluku

Ora Beach: Paradise Found

Nestled on Seram Island, Ora Beach is famed for its crystal-clear waters and dramatic mountainous backdrop. Insider tip: The calm mornings offer the perfect lighting for capturing the serene beauty of this hidden paradise.

Ora Beach in Maluku Indonesia
Ora Beach in Maluku

Fort Belgica: A Glimpse into the Past

This well-preserved 17th-century Dutch fort in Banda Neira offers a historical setting with panoramic views of the surrounding islands. Insider tip: Filming during the golden hour casts a magical glow over the fort and the sea.

Fort Belgica in Banda Neira
Fort Belgica in Banda Neira

Ternate Island: A Volcanic Majesty

The island of Ternate is dominated by the active volcano, Mount Gamalama, providing a dramatic setting for adventure and nature-themed projects. Insider tip: Collaborate with local experts for safe access and the best vantage points.

Saparua Island: Unspoiled Beauty

Saparua offers lush landscapes, traditional villages, and historical sites, including the ancient Duurstede Fort. Insider tip: Engage with the local community for a more enriching filming experience and access to unique locations.

Saparua Island
Saparua Island

Manusela National Park: A Cinematic Journey Through the Heart of Maluku

Nestled in the central region of Seram Island, Manusela National Park stands as a testament to the unparalleled natural beauty of Maluku, Indonesia. With its dense tropical forests, towering mountains, and rich biodiversity, this park offers filmmakers and photographers a unique canvas to bring their visions to life. This guide highlights the essence of Manusela National Park as a filming location and provides practical advice on navigating film permits and visa regulations for a hassle-free production experience.

Manusela National Park from sea view
Manusela National Park from sea view

Lake Tolire: A Mysterious Beauty

Situated at the base of Mount Gamalama on Ternate, Lake Tolire is shrouded in local myths and offers stunning views. Insider tip: The lake's tranquil waters are perfect for reflective shots, especially in the early morning.

Lake Tolire in Maluku
Lake Tolire in Maluku

Liang Beach: Crystal Waters and Soft Sands

Liang Beach on Ambon Island mesmerizes with its turquoise waters and fine white sand, framed by lush greenery. Insider tip: Use polarizing filters to capture the vibrant colors of the water and sky.

Liang Beach
Liang Beach

Mount Binaiya: An Adventurer’s Backdrop

Mount Binaiya, the highest peak on Seram Island, offers challenging treks through dense rainforests leading to breathtaking views. Insider tip: Secure a local guide for access and insights into the best times for filming to capture the mountain's majesty.

Mount Binaiya in Seram Island
Mount Binaiya

Haruku Island: A Coastal Gem in Maluku

Haruku Island, nestled off the coast of Ambon in the Maluku archipelago, presents filmmakers and photographers with a picturesque blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty. This tranquil island is characterized by its serene beaches, clear turquoise waters, and the warm hospitality of its local communities. Blue Ventures and the Bali Fixer production team spend 3 weeks on the beautiful island of Haruku, located in Maluku Indonesia.
The aim was to get to know the work of Kewang and its importance in the preservation of his work. Eliza's is the head of the Kewang family. Kewang is an institution of customary law whose role is to protect nature on land and sea. According to him, Kewang comes from the word Ewang, which means 'keeper of the forest or nature' as a whole.

This documentary will give a deep impression of the life of the Kewang family and their thoughts about the future.
Scheduled to go live: Spring 2024

Interviews with the Kewang and his Wife in Haruku
Pineapple (left) Nutmeg (right)
Interview with the Sea Kewang of Haruku

Ternate Island: A Volcanic Wonder in the Heart of Maluku

Ternate Island, a jewel in the North Maluku province, is famed for its rich history, vibrant culture, and the imposing presence of Mount Gamalama, an active volcano that dominates the island's landscape. This island offers a unique mix of natural beauty and historical significance, making it an intriguing location for filmmakers and photographers alike.

In 2022 Bali Fixer facilitated new series for the TV format "Galileo" for Maximus Film. The production took place around Indonesia incl. Java, Borneo and Maluku. In this series, the aim is to challenge the host with a local worker's task: Harvesting Nutmegs in Ternate! The viewer got to know the nut and how it grows and how it gets harvested into the final product we know from the store.

Behind the scene with the host (right) peeling the nutmeg

Banda Neira: A Historical Tapestry Amidst Spice Islands

Banda Neira, situated within the central Banda Islands of Maluku, stands as a testament to the rich historical narrative of the Spice Trade era. This serene island is enveloped by nutmeg plantations, colonial Dutch architecture, and the crystal-clear waters of the Banda Sea, offering a picturesque setting for filmmakers and photographers who seek to capture the essence of Indonesia's spice-laden history.

Banda Neira
Banda Neira

Filming Permits and Visa Regulations

To film in Maluku, it's essential to navigate the local and national regulations. For commercial shoots, applications must go through the Indonesian Film Board (Badan Perfilman Indonesia) and the Ministry of Tourism. These permits are crucial for access to specific areas. Foreign crews should also apply for a film visa, sponsored by a film services agency in Indonesia.

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