Magic World of Spices

Guarded like treasures, their true origins concealed, spices like vanilla, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom were once the cause of wars, mass murders, and significant colonial exchanges. Today, their flavors are well-known, but their origins remain a mystery to many.

These spices arose from unique habitats, formed by the interplay of climate, flora, and fauna, in specific regions. In our series, we explore these aromatic realms: vanilla from Mexico’s Gulf Coast, nutmeg and cloves from Indonesia’s Moluccas, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, and cardamom from Kerala’s Malabar Coast.

Bali Fixer is thrilled to be an integral part of this production, providing comprehensive support to Moers Media. From securing film permit, film visas and scouting stunning locations to handling intricate logistics and assembling talented local crews, Bali Fixer ensures the smooth execution of the project. Their expertise in navigating local regulations, coupled with their deep understanding of the region’s culture and resources, makes them an invaluable partner in bringing the enchanting story of these spices to life.


Production facilitation for Moers Media, Germany. Huge thanks to the whole team for the smooth cooperation and great turnaround.

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