Blue Ventures

📍 Haruku

Blue Ventures and the Bali Fixer production team spend 3 weeks on the beautiful island of Haruku, located in Maluku Indonesia.
The aim was to get to know the work of Kewang and its importance in the preservation of his work. Eliza's is the head of the Kewang family. Kewang is an institution of customary law whose role is to protect nature on land and sea. According to him, Kewang comes from the word Ewang, which means 'keeper of the forest or nature' as a whole.

This documentary will give a deep impression of the life of the Kewang family and their thoughts about the future.
Scheduled to go live: Spring 2023

Interviews with the Kewang and his Wife in Haruku
Pineapple (left) Nutmeg (right)
Interview with the Sea Kewang of Haruku

Maximus Film

📍 Ternate

In 2022 Bali Fixer facilitated new series for the TV format "Galileo" for Maximus Film. The production took place around Indonesia incl. Java, Borneo and Maluku.

In this series, the aim is to challenge the host with a local worker's task: Harvesting Nutmegs in Ternate!

The viewer got to know the nut and how it grows and how it gets harvested into the final product we know from the store.

Behind the scene with the host (right) peeling the nutmeg


📍 Banda Neira

Currently in production. To be announced soon...

Stay tuned.

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