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📍 Ijen

Ijen is a volcanic complex located on the eastern side of Java island in Indonesia, and it is known for its impressive natural wonders, such as the world's largest acidic lake, and one of the most sulfuric lakes on earth. One of the most impressive features of Ijen is the "blue fire," which is a rare phenomenon that occurs when sulfuric gases ignite as they come into contact with oxygen. The blue flames are often visible at night and create an otherworldly glow that makes the landscape look like it's from another planet.

Maximus Film spend 2 days documenting the worker job at the volcano and challenged its host to do the same.

Behind the scenes at Ijen Volcano


📍 Jakarta

Seven.One Entertainment Group is shooting around the world for ProSieben. In this series, we facilitated their shoot with our in-house production team in Jakarta. The aim was to capture the impact of climate change throughout the capital of Indonesia. The focus was set on the Kampungs (village) near the ocean where the impact is drastically visible.

The final series is currently in Post Production and scheduled to be live in summer 2023.

Streets in a Kampung in Jakarta - Interview Scene
Streets in a Kampung in Jakarta - Interview Scene

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